Bring your roof to life

It rains more often and extreme rains are gaining strength. Plus, the average temperature in the Netherlands is increasing. We need to adapt to a rapidly changing climate. And we need to do it now! RESILIO is a climate adaptation project. We are creating 10.000m2 of smart blue-green roofs in Amsterdam.

How does it work?

The RESILIO roofs are designed to store excessive rainwater in the event of heavy showers. A smart valve can gradually discharge excess rainwater based on real-time weather forecasts. On hot summer days, the rainwater and the plants are used to cool the RESILIO roofs and the environment. At all times, the plants can use the stored water to grow and stay green. This way, RESILIO roofs can also provide space for new nature and more green in the city. Which is good for people, plants, birds and insects.


RESILIO is joining the climate adaptation Summit on January 25 and 26 January. CAS 2021 is an online global conference to accelerate, innovate and scale up the world’s efforts in adapting our societies and economies to the inevitable effects of climate change over the coming decade.

CAS 2021 is a multi-stakeholder event, with participation by governments from all continents. As well as business leaders, mayors, international organisations, academia, civil society and youth representatives.

Take a sneak preview on the CAS 2021 programme and join!

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