On this page you can find more information about green and blue-green roofs, but also about climate adaptation in general. There are also a number of interesting networks and organizations that deal with this.


  • Project Smartroof 2.0 – A single blue-green roof on which extensive research has been done from 2017 to 2019. The project is a predecessor of RESILIO whose results and lessons learned are applied in this project. Read the scientific article here. Visit the website.

  • KNMI – Climate change in the Amsterdam region. Visit the website.

  • Green Deal Groene Daken – Guide to Nature Roofs. View the PDF.

  • Green Deal Groene Daken – Facts & Values of ​​blue-green roofs. Visit the website.

  • Municipality of Amsterdam – Nature-inclusive construction and design in twenty ideas. Visit the website.


  • RESILIO project page on the website of Urban Innovative Action, an initiative of the European Union. Visit the website.

  • Amsterdam Rainproof – The network of Amsterdam Rainproof wants to make the city resistant to heavy rainfall. RESILIO works closely with them to share knowledge and increase awareness about climate-proof measures. Visit the website.

  • Amstel, Gooi and Vecht Water Board – Protects against water, ensures sufficient and clean water and addresses climate problems.
    Visit the website.

  • Green Deal Groene Daken – A collaboration of municipalities, water boards, insurers, market players, knowledge institutions and the national government to tackle bottlenecks and stimulate development of  green roofs. Visit the website.

  • City Deal Klimaatadaptatie – A cooperation agreement between public partners, (semi) private cooperation partners and the central government in tackling climate adaptation in Dutch cities. Visit the website.

  • Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation – Joint plan of municipalities, water boards, provinces and the central government for climate proofing the Netherlands. Visit the website.

  • Green Deal – With the Green Deal approach, the government is giving room to innovative initiatives from the community. It wants to speed up the transition to a sustainable economy. Visit the website.

  • Amsterdam Smart City – Innovation platform that brings together proactive citizens, innovative companies, knowledge institutions and governments to shape the city of the future. Visit the website.

  • IVN Natuureducatie – Nature activities, courses, projects and campaigns. Visit the website.

  • ANMEC – Is working on a resilient, liveable Amsterdam with a lot of green spaces. Visit the website.

  • Pakhuis de Zwijger – Independent platform for creation and innovation in the city, with daily inspiring programs on urban development, the creative industry, social inclusion and sustainability. Visit the website.